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The Dark Knight Trilogy : Gotham's Finest


Symposia : 8.7/10

Average IMDb : 8.5/10

The Dark knight Trilogy is a series of three films that portrays the growth of Bruce Wayne. In a city festered with crime, it takes a true hero to be able to save it, much less endure what our protagonist has to go through. Directed by Christopher Nolan, this trilogy encompasses some of the finest superhero films till date.

Batman Begins

As any classic character arc would progress, the first film is about Bruce Wayne and his transition into the role of Batman. Make no mistake, Batman and Bruce Wayne are certainly different people, the significance of which is shown much later. It is the first film that displays how a man struggling to cope with a loss chooses to make a change; not by being a vigilante but by being a symbol.

The Dark Knight

Arguably the greatest superhero movie to be produced, ‘The Dark Knight’ features one of the most ruthless supervillains of all time. The challenge he poses to Batman is insurmountable and it requires everything Bat can procure to be able to tackle this Apex villain. It is here where the variance between man and hero is really conspicuous, making the movie what it is.

The Dark Knight Rises

The third film, while still being notable, one has a lot of plotholes. Batman is pictured to be at his lowest, while recovering from the events of ‘The Dark Knight’. He is not in his right mind and is a shell of what he used to be. Batman faces one of his toughest challenges yet and is again made to choose between being a hero or an ordinary person. As it is the last film of the trilogy, his story comes to an end, but what a trilogy it's been, portraying the life of one of Gotham’s finest.

Christopher Nolan’s works are renowned for their involvement of remarkable cinematography and commendable acting. The actors are hall of fame worthy and their deliverance of character is truly lifelike. Special mention here to Christian Bale who is undoubtedly the best batman in cinematic history. Gotham is a city of crime and it takes that 1% of individuals who care beyond themselves to make a change. Furthermore, ‘The Dark Knight’ is rightfully deserving of its place as the best superhero film of all time. It entails the most heart wrenching choices made by a superhero, as well as one of the toughest villains. Heath Ledger did the role justice and the result is an oscar worthy performance of a multiplex character. What adds on to the brilliant movie is the masterful soundtrack made by Hans Zimmer; completely in sync with the flowing emotions in the plot.

All in all, while some parts of the movies were deficient, this has to be the greatest superhero trilogy of all time. While it is true that almost all superheroes have the same arc, the way this trilogy is directed makes all the difference. It is easy to watch the actions of Batman; however there are many lessons one can imbibe from such a simple, fantasy superhero movie. ‘The Dark Knight’ trilogy truly has the calibre to be one of the classics of our generation.

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