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Miracle on 34th street : Do you believe in Santa?


Symposia : 8/10

IMDb : 7.9/10

Rotten Tomatoes : 98%

Santa is an important part of every child’s life. This Christmas movie decides to take on an interesting choice in its opening scenes. Instead of following the millions of kids who adore and look up to Santa, we are introduced to a small girl who has been taught that Santa doesn’t exist. This is heart-breaking but worry not; our saviour arrives as a replacement for a drunken Santa who neglected his role in participating in New York’s biggest department store parade. His name is Kris Kringle, yes that is indeed his name. This man cannot be described as anything other than Santa-like. His actions and words indicate that he TRULY IS SANTA. He faces a plethora of difficulties while trying to spread holiday cheer but does he let that change him from being Santa? Absolutely not. Santa does not quit, he does it for the kids he cares about.

The cast isn’t particularly famous but they deliver their respective roles fantastically. No one could ask for a better Santa, with a natural white beard and the most beautiful Santa suit, watching him act will convince you that if we ever see Santa it is him. The rest of the characters are splendid in their own way, the intelligent little girl and her mother (who also happens to be Santa’s employer) the unfortunate unbelievers are very realistic and contrast Kris Kringle’s almost imaginary beliefs. There are, of course, the ‘bad guys’, in this case a rival department store with a greedy owner whose sole goal is to put Santa’s employers out of business. This leads to a whole slew of problems that should never have occurred and brought about immense grief.

The movie truly embodies the Christmas spirit and is fantastic with its cinematography of New York during December. While it may not be the most recognisable or famous Christmas movie, it deserves a spot on your watchlist this December. enjoy seeing Santa for perhaps the first time in your life.

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