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Home Alone: A Christmas Classic


Symposia: 7.5/10

IMDb: 7.8/10

Metacritic : 63%

Rotten Tomatoes : 65%

With Christmas around the corner, huddling together with our families on a cold December evening and watching a Christmas movie is what we all look forward to. Well, ‘Home Alone’ happens to be a film that correlates to family and Christmas for everyone. This 1990 release starring young Macaulay Culkin is the first of the ‘Home Alone’ franchise which now has five movies. This classic is a greatly charismatic one that leaves a smile on every viewer’s lips.

The story is of a large suburban family that accidentally leaves its youngest child, Kevin, behind when travelling to Paris for Christmas. Young Kevin renders his family supposedly “disappearing” as a dream come true. The movie features a light hearted and fun filled storyline where viewers laugh along with 8 year old Kevin who has the time of his life. However, being home alone as a child comprises hearing strange noises from the basement and a perpetual trepidation. Nonetheless, Kevin thrives as he watches Johnny Carson, eats all the ice cream, and sleeps in his parents' bed.

‘Home Alone’ delivers great laughter through two aspects in its plot. Initially, the comical nature of the film arises from Kevin carrying out adult tasks such as going grocery shopping and ordering food. The other major humorous facet of the film is the inclusion of two burglars who aim to rob the McCallister household after deducing that Kevin is home alone. Watching Joe Pesci and Daniel Stern play these robbers never fails to entertain. However, their plan of this robbery is demolished by Kevin as he sets up tricks and traps using his toys, to outwit the two men. The characters of Harry and Marv play a crucial role in the comedic aspect of the film; not only by getting smashed in the head by swinging tin cans and shot in the groin by a BB gun, but by being characters that go hand in hand perfectly. While Marv plays the role of a witless individual, we see Harry take charge as the mastermind, making their pair truly admirable.

Several critics say that Home Alone is highly overrated but I disagree with that statement. It would be right to say that the movie is rather illogical and excessive. However, it is important to keep in mind that the movie was targeted towards children and certainly entertains that age group. Chris Colombus, the director, portrays exceptional conceptual construction, making the story a classic over the years. The age-old theme of a kid who outwits grown ups with a hint of slapstick comedy, makes the movie a joyful adventure for all families on Christmas night.

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